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While on vacation in the US, Gus Petro was struck by the vast differences in geographic location throughout the States. He summed this up with these images he created of NYC inside The Grand Canyon. If you thought NYC was big, wait until you see it inside the Grand Canyon. Can’t wait to go here!

Discovery Channel has uploaded a portion of the wire walk made by Nik Wallenda yesterday across the Grand Canyon. You know, in case you missed it.


Wow, look at this amazing photo of the Grand Canyon taken by Tim Navis who is walking across the entire United States. Looks like a vector drawing!

Explore the Grand Canyon with Google Maps

I really want to make it out here. Maybe camp in my car as I travel. Anyway, check out the amazing work Google has done in bringing the over 75 miles of hikes and trails of the Grand Canyon to life on the screen with these interactive “Street View” panoramic tours. Check it out here.

Grand Canyon : Blink of Time from GOTM Films on Vimeo. The Grand Canyon is only about 11 hours away from me. I should try and make it out there. Maybe some desert camping? Snakes? Ah, I dunno.