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I’ve said this before on here, but I guess I’ll say it again: Beer labels are some of the best made objects in the world of graphic design. They are as varied as they come (there’s no one particular look, style, or color association) and they are certainly works of art even off of the […]

Malaria from Edson Oda on Vimeo. Watch how Edson Oda tells the story of a man hired to kill Death in this video combining stop-motion, time-lapse, origami, and comic strips. Definitely the most entertaining comic I’ve “read” lately. Don’t miss this one!

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Globe, the maker of the original Bantam Cruiser, has released a new version of their skateboard called the Bantam ST. It’s smaller and features both a swallowtail and an all-over graphic print design. It’s available in 6 different patterns each for $89.95. Perfect Christmas gift! GLOBE BANTAM GRAPHIC ST from GLOBE on Vimeo.

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A week ago a reader by the name of Bob sent me this link to an article at AIGA that details the graphic history of Air Force One. In a post on September 2nd, I made a remark asking why Air Force One wasn’t more “patriotic colored” (meaning, darker blues and some red to match […]

This video is inspiring to watch, especially as I prepare to make a leap to a new profession in the next coming week. Hillman Curtis passed away on April 18, 2012.

Gothamist posted these graphic anti-smoking PSA’s from the CDC last week. I hope they do their intended jobs and get more people to quit. If you’re a smoker, do you want to live a life where this could very well be your future?