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This month’s WIRED features a story on Craigslist and its continuous rejection of all things modern on the web. It’s actually a very interesting and enlightening article on how Craigslist is a mess, but a mess that people can manage. It’s simple and without any additional features that some might find useless and that’s partially […]


I know that many of you go to YouTube on a daily basis, and if you actually make use of the ‘subscribe’ button on the site, you’ll know that YouTube has a really stupid way of displaying the videos in the Subscriptions section (link only works if you’re logged in to YouTube). The problem, for […]


If you’re a power user of Google Reader — meaning, you can navigate your way around all your feeds using only keyboard shortcuts — then you might find Helvetireader very pleasing to look at and easy to use. Helvetireader is a minimal interface theme for Google Reader that is easy to implement if you’ve got […]