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This is too good. By the way, this is a good time to recommend the movie JCVD. Really great movie where Jean Claude Van Damme plays himself as a down and out actor.

John Hess who explained the history of cinematic widescreen is back again in this new episode of FilmmakerIQ talking about the history of green screen compositing. From glass plates to CGI, Hess explains how each process changed the film world and led to a more enjoyable movie-going experience.

With all this CGI coming into play in recent films, I wonder if location scouts are scared about losing their jobs. I mean, essentially we can just about make up any damn place we want and place people in there without it looking like we did just that. I mean, even movie extras are losing […]

Stargate Studios compiled this video that shows just how often green screen (or ChromaKey) is used in both TV and movies. The actual filming portion of these shows and movies must be absolutely boring compared to the final result. Thanks Paul!