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I’m surprised ABC won’t give Sandra these props from Grey’s Anatomy. Doesn’t seem like a lot to ask for after being on the show for so long as one of its principle characters.

Watch Bleep Bloop: Greys Anatomy on Wii on CollegeHumor Holly informed me that Bleep Bloop from CollegeHumor actually did a segment on the ridiculousness of the Grey’s Anatomy video game. Check it out here. The game goals are…weird. But I guess I should have expected that.


Sometimes I don’t know what companies like Ubisoft are thinking. I’d love to know if the effort in creating this Grey’s Anatomy video game was worth the amount of sales they must be bringing in. Are they making any significant sales at all from this title? Is anybody that big of a fan of the […]


I always thought Sandra Oh to be the least best-looking character in Grey’s Anatomy. SandraOhIsUgly.com is a collection of many people’s thoughts on her exterior appearance. Man, this makes me laugh, even if it is a bit cruel.