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I’ve never had apple jelly on grilled cheese before. And with apple cider? Man, that just sounds delicious!


Photo via The Grilled Cheese Social If The Grilled Cheese Academy wasn’t enough to get your mouth watering for a grilled cheese of any variety, then maybe this blog called The Grilled Cheese Social will. It’s filled with pretty, delicious looking photos and enough recipes to last you quite a while if you plan on […]


It looks like the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board didn’t stop at promoting their cheeses with The Cheese and Burger Society website. They also have a dedicated Grilled Cheese Academy webpage to show off all of the different grilled cheese combinations possible with all of that Wisconsin cheese! Seriously, this is so delicious looking. I want […]

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Friendly’s new Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt is delicious looking! It’s basically a Friendly’s cheeseburger mashed between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches. If Friendly’s can actually make the sandwich look this good in real life, I’m down to try it! [via]