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I just recently purchased this Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder from Cuissential to possibly take on camping trips. I’ve seen these used before but I’ve never owned one for myself. Yes, it does take a little longer to grind compared to a kitchen appliance version, but there’s something very satisfying about the slow act of […]

I thought I had posted videos of another industrial shredder doing it’s thing, but I can’t find the post anywhere on the site. So until I get around to posting those videos, here’s an industrial shredder that will eat anything. Looks like it’s made for drainage systems due to its shape. UPDATE: I was right. […]


Yelena and I were looking through a Williams-Sonoma catalog and I caught a glimpse of these Peugot Salt and Pepper mills. Aren’t they nice and lovely? If I had my own apartment, I’d get these and place them on the dining room table.