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You guys ever seen this? This thumb grip looks comfortable. Right? Just $20.


I just posted a video review of the Wooden Camera Cage (not actually wooden) and I couldn’t help but gush over the actual product shots. This rig is a beast. So versatile, so solid, and so expandable. Yes, it’s expensive, but it seems worth it. Price: $689 for a medium size rig.


$30 for a box of 12 pencils may seem expensive (actually, it is), but when they look as good as these, it’s ok to shell out, right?

From what I gather, it’s often harder than it seems to make robots mimic natural human movement. This hand however is capable of most of the natural hand movements a normal human can make. Watch it grab, pull, lift, and gently caress a bunch of objects in this video above. [via] Androids coming soon hopefully?

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Yuck. That synthetic leather grip is horrible. And to think it comes in 2 other colors as well.


Nice soft grip iPhone 4 cases from id America. Get one in your shade of pastel for $19.95.