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I had a good chuckle reading through Alex Cornell’s graphic on how to choose the right seat when sitting in a group in various table settings/shapes. See the full version inside.

This has ruined 2013 for me. Authorities aren’t sure if the puppies were alive at the time of the fire, but that doesn’t matter. Only a sick, twisted person would do such a thing. I don’t understand why. This makes me so sad. Sorry, no video or photo for this post. It’s just too much.

Credit: Sean Raftis

A lovely short article over at The Wall Street Journal profiles some members of a small group of friends who started a game of tag back in their high school days and essentially never stopped playing. Now in their 40s, the group of men designate one month out of the year — February — to […]

I know a lot of you can’t watch this during the day since it’s over an hour long, but this VH1 Rocks Documentary shines some light on the history of NWA. A raw look at the members from their roots in gangs to their rise to success and how the group changed the face of […]