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“Growing your own food is liking printing your own money!” This is a fantastic talk by Ron Finley about how the saw the ill-effects of poor food choices in poor neighborhoods in LA and decided to take it upon himself to solve the problem of bad food with good, healthy, homegrown food.

If you could see the damage that cigarettes were doing to your body, you’d stop, right? I wish the US would show ads like this. We need the wake up call. It’s so ridiculous to me that people still smoke these days when there’s so much evidence that it’s just downright bad for you AND […]

Consumed from Andreas Wannerstedt on Vimeo. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO. The motion graphics, the weird growing blobs, the juxtaposition of natural and artificial substances. Just wonderful.

Urban farming and locally grown foods is a great idea, but something strikes me as very unsafe about using a rooftop as a makeshift field for growing crops. I feel like the structural integrity of the roof will be taken over after some time by the sheer weight of the crops, soil, and rain that’s […]

Liza de Guia of FoodCurated produces another fantastic food-related video, this time about the domestic production of caviar in Sarasota, Florida. She talks to Jim Michaels, the program manager at Mote Marine Laboratory for their Siberian Sturgeon program and discusses how domestic farming of Sturgeon is both good for the economy and also good for […]