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The story of YouTube lip-syncing sensation Keenan Cahill and his fight with a super-rare growth disorder known as MPS-VI.

These images are from NASA’s Landsat 5 satellite which captured aerial views of Las Vegas between 1972 and 2012.

NPR produced this video about how the world’s population reached 7 billion in record time. They visualize the growth by using colorful liquid in dripping beakers. Not a bad representation…

Directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions, this video uses paper puppets to show how a dead whale ends up balancing out the ocean’s ecosystem with plenty of food for all marine life.


This photo is from the installation called Natural Systems Domination by Tres Birds Workshop. I can’t seem to find a date for this installation (and I’m not sure if it’s still there) but it was installed somewhere in Downtown Denver, CO.


Stanford University dug into the Library of Congress’ “Chronicling America” project and put together this interactive visualization of over 140,000 American newspapers published over the last 3 centuries. Drag the slider around and see the burst of newspapers spread from East Coast to West Coast with high concentrations where major cities sprouted up. Oh, and […]