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This record was made in 2005 with 47 people simultaneously riding a surfboard in Queensland, Australia. MAGIC!

The Guinness World Record Books loses credibility every time they allow any random person to make up some stupid record just for the sake of being recorded. The fastest mile in a bomb disposal suit is 8 minutes and 30 seconds and was achieved by Daniel Glenn (USA) at the Navy School of Ordnance Disposal […]


Read this delightful write-up about a huge Great Dane named George and his lovely personality, playfulness, and award-winning size. Measuring in at over 4-feet tall when standing and about 7 feet long in length, George has been officially named the world’s largest dog by the Guinness World Records. LOOK AT THAT PHOTO BELOW OF HIS […]

This is like my worst nightmare…and this kid thinks it’s fun! Tom Buchanan of Australia laid in a clear perspex box and had 125 Golden Orb Spiders put onto his body for 55 seconds during the ‘Australia: Guinness World Records’ TV show in Sydney, New South Wales on 27 August 2005. GROSS.

Here is a video clip from the Guinness World Records Primetime that shows, in much detail, the extent of the rodent infestation that took over Australia in 1993. Millions and possibly billions of mice were crawling all over farms in Australia eating crops, livestock, and even buildings! The mice were literally EVERYWHERE as you can […]