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Got a chance to preview this book the other day. For those of us who enjoyed Bazooka chewing gum and reading the tiny comics it was wrapped in, this book is going to be a great trip down memory lane. Bazooka Joe and His Gang is a celebration of the 60 years that this chewing […]

Does this remind you of a certain company with an apple-shaped logo? [via]


Two things: First, I just noticed that The Hundreds spell it “footware” and not “footwear”. Secondly, I am really only concerned with the pair of sneakers above — the Valenzuela Low in AMERICAN FLAG (almost). Not available on their website at the moment though.


Photo: REUTERS/KCNA The mysterious maybe-dead or maybe-alive Kim Jong Il shows up in this UNDATED photo of him at a gum factory. Odd choice for a first photo considering the rest of the world hasn’t seen him anywhere else in quite some time. [via]