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The guys at Photonicinduction over-powering a standard kitchen toaster with so much power that it cooks (or really, blows up) bread in just 10 seconds.

Episode 2 of the phenomenal Phreaked Out series. This one talks about how a dedicated hacker could potentially take control of your car and shut it off and even make it do weird things. The first episode talked about hacking into traffic control systems.

The first episode in MOTHERBOARD’s Phreaked Out series on hacking information systems. This first episode is about 2 guys, Kartik Patel and Gabriel Murillo, who hacked into LA’s transportation network system and changed the light sequence at 4 major LA intersections, causing city gridlock that lasted up to 3 days. It’s the first time I’ve […]

I’m posting this mainly because I want a s’more right now. Honestly though, this restaurant hack doesn’t look quite as good as a campfire version. The inside doesn’t look melted at all.