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I actually like this idea. Maybe not as art, but as an actual owned personal collection of volumes. What Aram Bartholl made here is a series of books that chronicle the horrifying amount of passwords hacked from LinkedIn’s servers earlier last year (2012). The set is 8 volumes each with 800 pages inside that list the hacked passwords […]


The Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked earlier today and has since been suspended after a false report of an attack on The White House. The false report caused stocks to go into a steep decline briefly. Can somebody explain why this happens?


Mat Honan has a chilling write-up over at WIRED about how his life was basically ruined because a hacker hacked his personal accounts with the help of Amazon and Apple. Because Mat’s accounts were linked together, the hacker was able to get the last 4 digits of his credit card (something that’s pretty easy to […]


Neatorama does us all a favor and links to Should I Change My Password, a website that compiles several lists of databases which have recently been compromised and leaked to the public and gives users a quick way of finding out if their emails are on them. Those lists are long and extensive so this […]

You can always tell an attempt at a viral video by the way a camera zooms in and out of a picture. Real people don’t zoom like that and real people don’t know how to edit as well as this. I can’t tell you what company/product/service this viral ad is for…but it’s definitely a viral […]