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Watch this jolly fellow high five people on the street as they hail a cab in NYC. Nothing new, but this video certainly is the most fun to watch.

Remember last year’s video of baseball-sized hail falling in St. Louis? Well, here’s another much clearer video from that same time. According to the video, this storm on April, 28, 2012 was the 2nd most costly hail storm in US history. I believe it.

Man lays on the roof of his car during hail storm

What is going on here? Why is this man laying on top of his car in the middle of a hail storm in Argentina?

In Maryland Heights, St. Louis, baseball-sized hail fell on April 28, 2012 breaking car windows and ruining all sorts of stuff in the neighborhood. WIRED breaks down the science behind big hail like this and finds that to some degree, even though this hail is baseball-sized, it isn’t the same as a baseball falling from […]