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A short talk from Caledonia Curry (better known as the street wheatpasting artist “Swoon”) about art and how it builds community.

BASEBALL IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA from RYOT on Vimeo. A truly heartbreaking story of a boy in love with baseball despite a massive cholera outbreak in Haiti. The Haitian people strongly believe the UN’s Nepalese peacekeeping forces brought cholera to the island which was already in the midst of trying to get over the […]


Photo: Wyatt Gallery The Umbrage Gallery in Brooklyn is exhibiting photos from Wyatt Gallery that documents the new life that some 1.5 million Haitian residents are now experiencing due to the uncoordinated efforts of the government and various relief networks who intended to rebuild the country after last year’s devastating earthquake. Wyatt’s photos are heartbreaking […]

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AP Photo/Esteban Felix While most of us are sitting comfortably somewhere reading, here’s a reminder that the folks in Haiti are still in pretty dire straights in terms of healthcare and rebuilding. Shown above is a photo of a pre-mature baby [Jessica Thelusma] in a hospital bed made out of a cardboard box. Amazingly, it […]

Michelle Obama in Haiti from The White House on Vimeo. If you want an official update on how the rebuilding process is going on in Haiti after the earthquake, then check out this video from The White House that shows First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden making a surprise visit to the country. […]