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Want to see some truly amazing penmanship? Check out Jason Carne’s portfolio of work that includes a good number of hand-drawn signage and lettering.


An Indian artist named┬áRamachandraiah creates these hilarious 5-color hand-drawn versions of movie posters that measure as large as 20″x30″. Apparently they are printed cheaply and put up illegally by┬áRamachandraiah. Here are just a few of these wonderfully funny pieces.


Stockholm-based designer Martin Schmetzer┬ácreated this wonderful hand-drawn piece for Men’s Health Magazine. With an expert use of the pen, he mixes fine lines and thick borders for an overall visual effect that could find its place on a a royal crest. The final piece never made it to print though as the article it was […]

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Take a good hard look at Jenni Sparks’ hand-drawn map of NYC made for Evermade. Yep, it’s on sale. [via]


I’m in love with Martin Schmetzer’s hand-drawn type work. And the best part is that you not only get to see the final result, but he posts detailed images of how he drafted, sketched, and then transformed his work from paper to digital. [via]