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I can’t. This is just too much anxiety for me to watch without stopping a few times to look away. Watch these crazy kids climb up┬áreally, really, really tall places and hang off of them without any sort of harness or safety equipment whatsoever.


This is pretty neat. R.E. Load bags has started to produce these things called Plockets made out of the scraps of Cordura cut from when they make their amazing messenger bags. It’s all in their effort to reduce waste and use every possible part of the bag-creation process. Check them out here!


So glad that I got to chill with Might & Wonder this week in LA! Mad fun and would do it again — here, in NY, or in Sydney! Wherever!


You have 15 days to go to support this fantastic Kickstarter project by Bill May called the Limb.al. The accessory for iPhone, Android, and all micro-USB devices can charge and also hold your device in any direction you want and keep it that way.

Using a glue gun filled with black glue/goo, Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi created this piece he calls “reverse of volume RG”. It’s a large piece of plastic tarp held up by thin strands of melted black plastic. The resulting visual is quite striking as it hangs loosely from the ceiling of this exhibition space at […]

Street artist Above painted this 255 foot mural and installation piece in Miami, Florida.