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How awesome is this illuminated globe chandelier made by Benoit Vieubled? It includes 15 globes of slightly different sizes and illustrations and makes for a very interesting house piece.

Keith, the same guy that brought us that lovely video of dogs hanging their heads out of moving cars in December 2011, has uploaded another slow-motion video of more dogs doing the same thing. Watch it above!


Mark Reigelman created this unusual installation in the heart of San Francisco that is basically a small cottage or hut attached to the side of an empty building wall. The house includes solar units on the roof to power its night light which turns on at dusk to illuminate the structure. Designboom has some images […]


Look at this! I’m near “Man Street”, a street so nicknamed because it’s filled with tools, meat, electronics, and junk. You know, for guys only! Don’t worry, there’s a “Ladies Street” as well here. All bases covered.

Man, I need to get myself another Woody doll so I can attach this to my future car. [via] If you want one too, I highly recommend the Toy Story Sheriff Woody 16″ Ragdoll from Thinkway. It is the most realistic and true-to-form Woody doll currently being made. I have one and it’s great!