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Hah, Natalie is wearing the Michael Scott Paper Company Inc t-shirt. I didn’t know they sold this!

You hear those claps as soon as Rodman starts singing? As an Asian, I can fully confirm that this is something that older generations of Asians┬álove doing when people sing. It’s like a march of the hands for them rather than a musical accompaniment to the person singing.

Keghan from ROCKETBOOM explains why the happy birthday song we all know and sometimes sing at home cannot be sung at restaurants.

After watching this video, I can say without a doubt that I don’t understand a thing about gaming culture.


It’s Corey’s birthday too! He likes to keep it low-key, so make sure you give him a shoutout on Twitter where everybody will see it! Corey Raps from Herman Yung on Vimeo.

I want to learn this happy birthday song so I can sing it at the next birthday I go to.