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Have you all seen what the crazy kooks at LaCie put out yesterday? This is the LaCie Sphere, a spherical chrome desktop harddrive that costs $490 for only 1TB of storage space. For the delusional designer in your life (maybe it’s you!).


Don’t make the mistake I did! Thankfully, it was a copy of a copy. So…not catastrophic by any means. But it sure does suck to suddenly have a non-working drive. All FRAGILE stickers ignored. Haha, at this point I can only laugh…


Come this March, OWC will officially unveil their 3.5″ SSD which packs a whopping 2TB of storage space at breakneck speeds. Expect it to be a gazillion dollars.

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LaCie just released images of this brand new 4TB harddrive called Blade Runner. Like all of LaCie’s other great looking drives, this one is designed by Philippe Starck. It is USB 3 compatible and will cost roughly $300.

Bill Hammack the Engineer Guy blows my mind with his explanation of how a harddrive actually works. [via]