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Amazon.com sent over a WD Elements 1.5TB external harddrive today and I’m just setting it up now as a mass storage drive for my music, movies, and digital photos. Freeing up some free space on my laptop so that it’ll weigh a bit less, y’know? Thanks Amazon! By the way, these are the icons for […]


If you own a recent Western Digital My Passport Elite or My Passport Essential, then maybe you’d be interested in purchasing a Speck SkinPro rubber case for your external hard-drive. The SkinPro wraps around your external hard-drive and offers some sort of shock protection from falls or hard bumps and also includes a place to […]


Western Digital announced today an update to their Passport Studio line of external harddrives for the Mac that include a FireWire 800 connection for ultra-fast transfers. The drive still comes with the traditional USB connection, but the addition of the FireWire port should be a good thing for people who handle big files on a […]