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This is one of the best videos of the inside of the abandoned PS 186 school in Harlem, NY. I’ve visited this place several times this year already and unfortunately it’s being actively gutted by a construction crew to prep for renovation into affordable housing (or some kind of housing).

I miss walking. The slowness of it, the ability to instantly stop in your stride and look at something, to take a picture of something. But not just that. To walk in a place that is designed to be walkable. That’s what I miss the most.


Check this out! This photo taken by Sid Grossman of a group of loiterers in Harlem in 1939 includes a man who has an uncanny resemblance to Jay-Z!


If you’re in NYC, this sounds like a good thing to go to: The Harlem Pop-Up Greenmarket begins tomorrow, Thursday, October 11th from 4-9PM. It’s located at W. 117th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. There will be vegetables, baked goods, prepped foods from restaurants, and live music. Oh, and a pumpkin patch! Put it on […]