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A good report from Gizmodo about how Hasbro designs and then creates Transformers toys. Probably some of the most complicated toys on the market and for good reason. This is also enlightening because if you’ve ever wondered why movie toys are never quite like their movie versions, well, it’s mostly because of safety and logistics. Movies […]


DVICE has photos of Hasbro’s new Furby made for the digital era. It comes with 6 sensors for a variety of interactive functions and a pair of LCD eyes that are so much better than their stationary predecessors. Here’s a video!


Gizmodo is reporting that Andrew Capener’s home-made Scrabble Typography Edition board is actually going to be a real thing! There was so much good response from the internet about this board that Hasbro has gone ahead and let Winning Solutions sell the product for a whopping $200.