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This is so great. For $24.99, you can buy and wear your very own Penguin Hat. What is it? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a¬†winter weather hat with a plush penguin on top!

Very nice video of a hat maker Nick Fouquet of the Nick Fouquet Hat Co. making a handmade hat! Video by Dean Bradshaw. That slow-motion flame shot is spot-on!


This is unusual but I really like it. I wish it was still on sale though. At $24.99, this was probably a great bargain to be had. Who doesn’t want a penguin with them at all times?


The 1950s have always fascinated me a lot because of the overall style of¬†everything from architecture, to cars, to fashion. Goorin Bros. seems to echo this sentiment with their latest hat collection inspired by the dress of the ’50s era. With hats for both women and men, the new line called “The Last Originals” is […]

Great story of how Satya Twena went from hat-making employee to hat-making factory owner. All hat production is handmade and done right here in NYC’s Garment District. Check out the collection here.

Jeff Hamada of Booooooom was given unprecedented access into the Flexfit hat factory in Vietnam to film how this giant facility creates hats for people all over the world. But rather than focusing only on the beautiful factory, the video also follows the life of several employees who work at the factory to see what […]