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I cannot stop noticing that it looks like they freeze-framed Hayden’s body from the waist down. Not a single movement in the chair from that area to her feet. Why did they do that?

There’s of course more to this video than just Hayden Panettiere singing the Bed Intruder song, but trust me, that’s the best part. Another video of Hayden just because. Two in one day, this is good!

Without a doubt this is a very odd music video for “I Can Do It Alone” featuring Hayden Panettiere on vocals. The song is heard in the movie Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil. [via] I’m posting this mainly because Hayden looks good here.

Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere goes from wet to dry in this reverse video portrait of her taken by photographer Tyler Shields. [via] So awesome, so awesome, so awesome, so awesome, so awesome!