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The HD cameras pointed at earth are operational 24/7 through October 15th. You can tune in above whenever you want and watch the earth below the ISS!

This is a first for HD video from space apparently. Skybox Imaging here demonstrates how near-real-time HD imagery from space can help in all sorts of applications.

You’ve seen the stabilized version of the Zapruder film, but now check out this HD widescreen version¬†made by¬†Antony Davison.


Panasonic built this camera rig comprised of 4 16:9 HD cameras that uses software to automatically align each camera’s image edge with the next camera’s. While it wouldn’t make much sense now to view anything at 64:9, the practical implication here is that one could essentially film a super-wide shot of any event and zoom […]


Garmin, a company normally known for GPS navigation devices, has released two cameras aimed at the action-sports world. The new camera comes in two variations called VIRB and VIRB Elite (with Wi-Fi and GPS built-in). It is waterproof without an external housing and has built-in lens distortion compensation. With only 1080p HD video and 16MP […]