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This car looks so boring. Could Acura really not come up with anything better? I guess those Jewel Eye headlights are pretty neat. But that’s about it.

I really wish this whole video wasn’t just some computer animation.

Advanced Automotive Concepts outfitted this 2009 Nissan Titan pick-up truck with strobing headlights and taillights. These would look pretty cool when the alarm is going off.


This sounds crazy but definitely doable in the near future. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have invented headlights that can basically make rain nearly invisible through a series of cameras and projectors that negatively blots out rain drops based on how they are expected to fall to the ground. Video here if you aren’t convinced.

Gorden Wagener shows off the Mercedes-Benz 5 Coupe with concept headlights that move, shift, and change color. The design is based on the human eye and eyebrow.