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Previously: 26-year-old woman hears for the first time, deaf 3-year-old hears his dad’s voice, and 29-year-old woman hears for the first time. These videos will never cease to be amazing.

Remember the 26-year-old who heard for the first time? Watch this toddler basically go through the same experience.

Remember that very emotional video of a 29-year-old woman hearing herself for the first time? This is very much like that and still just as emotional and amazing. This woman named Amy has been deaf since birth but at the age of 26, thanks to modern science, she is now able to hear the people […]


Radio.com and LA’s AMP 97.1 is now continuously streaming No Doubt’s first single in 11 years — “Settle Down”. The song is on the band’s album Push and Shove which comes out September 25th. UPDATE: No Doubt’s website is now streaming the single too. Much clearer and without the DJ speaking over the track.

Interesting! The McGurk Effect is demonstrated thoroughly in this video to show that what we see isn’t always in sync with what we hear. Sometimes, we see something and fill in the sounds with our brain rather than letting our ears do the work. This is sort of like saying “elephant shoe” and “I love […]