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I would recognize this office set up anywhere. It’s the Hearst office on 8th Avenue of course! And yes, this is Cosmopolitan magazine.

NYC-based creative agency Thinkmodo created this video for The Hearst Corporation to help promote the launch of Cosmo For Guys, an iPad only magazine for…well, guys. The video shows a girl walking around and sitting in a NYC park while 4 sides of her head are shown from different angles using 4 attached iPads. [via] […]

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Photo by Shanna Ravindra This is so incredibly fascinating to read. Esquire published a story today about Caitlin Burke, the woman who very recently solved a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just a single letter guess. Her correct answer — “I’VE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS” — has propelled her into internet stardom. The […]


So at work there’s this area in the kitchen designated for giveaways. You can put anything there and you can take anything there. Usually, the area is filled with promo books and CD’s and the occasional hair/make-up set. In all of my time at Hearst, I can only recall ever taking something from that table […]


Even on a rainy and cloudy day, the view of Central Park from the 28th floor of the Hearst Tower is breathtaking. The view is one of many reasons why I love working here.