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I’m quoting this from Brainpickings, who took the following passages from Jesse Bering’s book titled Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?: And Other Reflections on Being Human. [T]here are two main stages associated with a dead and dying romantic relationship, which is so often tied to one partner’s infidelities. During the ‘protest’ stage that […]

What peculiar timing for me to come across this after I had briefly written about musical context yesterday. I first heard this song back in 2006 while watching an episode of One Tree Hill (don’t ask) entitled The Wind That Blew My Heart Away. Funny how one song reappears in the same circumstance but so […]

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IMKING just previewed their upcoming Heartbreak Jacket which features a hood attachment that stays on the jacket via magnets. Kind of cool only because I’ve never seen anybody else do this (sure, there’s probably a reason for not doing it, but it’s nice the way IMKING handled it anyhow). Thanks Joyce! Heartbreak jacket from IMKING […]

Watch this amazing music video to an equally amazing love song written by Kina Grannis. The song comes from her upcoming album Stairwells which will be out on February 23, 2010. Aren’t those DVD cover drawings just great as dominoes? Download the track here.


As I’ve mentioned previously, Kanye West’s upcoming album 808′s and Heartbreak was leaked and I’ve had the opportunity to give it a chance and quite frankly it’s different than his previous music material. If you’re a big fan of that electronic-synthesized singing voice, then you’ll love this album. But honestly, if you’re looking for more […]