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Ann Makosinski invented a flashlight that runs on the heat generated out of the human hand. She explains in the video here. This would be great for camping, no?

Videos like this are why I love the internet. It allows me to virtually be in a place that I would otherwise never step into in order to see a process I knew nothing about. From the video description: Technicians at Textron Defense Systems near Boston are applying Avcoat ablator material to some 330,000 cells […]

Belvedere Stories films a rather beautiful video about the die-hard Miami Heat fans. Not the ones that left the stadium in Game 6. These are the ones that stick with the team win or lose.


I like this simple Ecofan which uses the heat generated from a fireplace to blow the hot air forward instead of allowing the heat to escape upwards into the top of the room. It works on some sort of thermal energy being released in the air… There’s a video inside of it in action.

This is what it looks like when very hot power lines give off heat in cold Chicago weather.