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A restaurant in Chicago named Alinea serves a special treat that is basically a helium-filled floating bubble. It’s not exactly a balloon, but I can see how it can be confused as such. And yes, it does make you sound funny.

Ha! Did you actually believe this was real? Of course not! The MacBook Air is light, but it ain’t that light! You can’t see it, but this clever store display uses a thin wire to hold the balloon (and the MacBook Air) in place. MAGIC MYSTERY SOLVED! Thanks Clarence!


This is so incredible! Luke Geissbuhler and his son Max created this homemade spacecraft consisting of a camera attached to a helium balloon and sent it to the start of space, just outside the earth’s atmosphere. The project was a part of the Brooklyn Space Program. If you would like to see more videos like […]


Officials say the balloon boy incident was a hoax concocted by Richard Heene and his wife.

Here’s home video of the Heene family releasing the helium balloon that led to the search for Falcon Heene (and ended in their attic).