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I got a $58 parking ticket today. Honestly, I got it because it slipped my mind entirely to move my car from a designated 2-hour parking only location. I know it’s entirely my fault, but I’d like to see if any readers would like to help me along with this small mishap. If it gets […]

Kid President needs YOU to be Kid President!

Oh no! Kid President is temporarily retiring! But I bet he’ll be back soon!

Japanese Subway ticket machine features surprise pop-out live-human help

Haha, wow, this is so funny. If you need help purchasing a subway ticket in Japan, pushing the Assistance button on the machine calls out a man from behind the wall. Not a joke or a Japanese TV show either. This looks like it’s a normal thing. AMIRIGHT?


Gawker covers this story coming out of Reddit in which the Reddit community actually had a helping hand in saving a man’s life. The story goes that a user found some old pregnancy tests from an ex-girlfriend in a cabinet, and just meaning to fool around, he went and peed on one and found out […]