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I would so buy these Helveticards if I knew for certain that the feel of these were on par with cards from The U.S. Playing Card Company. [via]

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I seemed to have missed this book by several months, but what I wouldn’t give to get a copy in my hands! Only 500 copies of Helvetica and the New York City Subway System were printed and all have been either sold or given away. The book, designed by Paul Shaw and Abby Goldstein explores […]

Sure, Arial isn’t the greatest, but it’s actually not half as bad as some other well-known fonts out there. The real kick in the nuts though is that HungryBeast says nothing about Arial Black. Now that’s a font that’s bullshit. [via]

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Want to make some classic but boring cookies? Try Beverly Hsu’s Helvetica Cookie Cutters. They’re currently sold out but word is that she’s making plans to produce more in the very near future. Keep an eye out!


If you’re a power user of Google Reader — meaning, you can navigate your way around all your feeds using only keyboard shortcuts — then you might find Helvetireader very pleasing to look at and easy to use. Helvetireader is a minimal interface theme for Google Reader that is easy to implement if you’ve got […]


This could be me! I could be wearing a Helvetica alphabet T-shirt with the letter H! Only $20! There are other letters available too based on popularity. Go ahead and grab the letter A, B, C, D, J, M, R, S, and Z.