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This is neat! And I’m super late to write about this, but a few weeks ago Coca-Cola sent me this personalized package with two bottles of Coke, one labeled with my name and the other for a buddy of mine. It came packaged in this sweet box that when opened made an audible fizzie noise. […]

So I just found out that there’s a very famous giant fish in Oregon known as Herman The Sturgeon. The fish is over 70 years old and more than 10 feet long. He lives at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery.


Using my site44 Dropbox website, I put together a list of gifts I think would be a good option for any occasion — birthdays, graduations, celebrations, etc. Anything. They are gender-neutral and so long as you don’t hate life you’ll probably find something nice here for yourself or for the person who’s hard to shop […]

This is not me. Another Herman who got married this past week! Whoo! Anyway, it turns out that if you bike north of Santa Monica beach, it gets pretty flat and there’s sections of the bike path that allow you to film for pretty long periods of time from this side view.


Haha, look at us! Herman, Herman, Keith, Kevin, Richard, and Brian.