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Vadzim Khudabets remixed a bunch of heroes and superheroes from film into this epic fictional trailer called ETERNA. Watch it!!


Found this over at Kottke and couldn’t resist. Artist Jed Henry takes modern heroes from movies and video games and paints them in the style of Japanese woodblock prints. Shown here (from top to bottom) are Mario Bros., Link from Zelda, and Pokemon.


Filter Heroes is available for women ($22) and men ($20). Clouds is probably a terrible superpower. Just sayin’. [via]


I discovered the track “Victoria” by The Kooks while listening to Pandora radio and the album title from which this song originates made me curious. With a title like War Child Presents Heroes: An Album To Benefit Children Affected By War, I was sort of wondering why I hadn’t heard more about this compilation. On […]