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I just stumbled upon a gold mine of NASA images. I am a happy kid right now.


Wikipedia has the largest hi-res photo of the Nintendo Power Glove that I can find. Fantastic!

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A note to self: Check your Photo Library on your iPhone more often. Why? Because unbeknownst to me until this moment, Instagram actually saves hi-res versions of photos there while they upload low-res to the web. Ashamed that I did not know this.

Check out this video of the Mars Curiosity Rover landing video (which was posted in HD previously) that somebody put together which turns the jagged video into something more similar to motion-capture. [via] As the video description says: This is the Curiosity Mars Rover descent footage interpolated from ~4 frames per second to 25 frames […]


This is neat. LIFE Magazine has posted large scans of their Special Edition issue on August 11, 1969 commemorating the Moon Landing. Great photos inside.


9to5 Mac has more or less confirmed the shape of the new iPhone 5 with high-resolution images from the same people that confirmed that the iPad 2 was going to come in white. Hopefully this isn’t some big prank on the major Mac news website. My hunch is that it’s not a joke and that […]