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Tom Lowe uploads another TimeScapes video (his previous one is here), this time giving those of us with the ability to watch it in 4K the option to (thanks to YouTube).


National Geographic has posted an incredible feature story on the Titanic and some new hi-res imagery of the ship composited from several undersea photos. The images were made in 2010 and 2011 by 3 submarines and each image shown here is made up from about 1500 hi-res images. The link posted above lets you zoom […]


Today’s internet gem is courtesy of Monster Brains which has uploaded an impressive hi-res collection of Witches Tales comic book covers for all to view. I’ve posted some here but you should click that link above to view them all!

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I’m really liking this site called Medium: Extra Large. It’s a curated collection of hi-res imagery from around the web by Lars A. Kjelsnes. And believe it or not, the site runs on WordPress. Very cool. Definitely something to check out. Thanks Public School!

Man, with these latest hi-resolution videos of the oil leak in the Gulf Coast, the problem looks entirely different and also more tragic. CNN Money also has a video to show. And again, another video of the leak in hires below.

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This might be the largest photograph of Dubai in existence. Taken on April 23, 2010, this photo is composed of 4250 individual images shot with a Canon 7D on a Gigapan EPIC pro. It took nearly 3.5 hours to complete and the result is stunning. Have a look at the 45 gigapixel image here and […]