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Remember that video of the Brooklyn Nets’ underground carousel? Well, it wasn’t the first in NYC. The Hotel Dixie (which today is known as the Hotel Carter) on 43rd Street was home to such an underground carousel back in the 1930′s! The carousel served what was the largest underground bus station at the time. Today, […]


Here’s something I didn’t know. Untapped Cities has shared images of the somewhat secret elevated park at 55 Water Street in Downtown Manhattan. The park is located up a flight of escalators at the address shown and was completed in the 1970s. It is known as the “Elevated Acre” and its purpose was to allow […]

Remember that video of David Roentgen’s insane Berlin Secretary Cabinet with tons of hidden drawers? It turns out that he was a specialist in this sort of contraption, making a host of other tables and furniture with hidden uses just like the Berlin Secretary Cabinet. This one shown above is an 18th-century game table that […]

Using a homemade wood combo lock hidden in the rear of a top drawer, Brian Grabski was able to created this custom dresser which has a secret drawer at the bottom that only comes out with the right flick of the wrist.  Genius! Check out photos of the piece here. ᔥ Core77