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A TED-Ed animated video about how sugar has different names to hide all the sugar you may be inadvertently taking each time you eat or drink something.

Truth be told, when I first got my two cats, I was originally going to keep just one of them (Tygra was the keeper). But after a few months of seeing them play with each other and watching them grow used to me and the apartment, I’ve come to realize that the two of them […]

I could so see a person having the reaction that the other cat had! So funny! [via]

This past Thursday, NYC experienced a rather intense storm that resulted in at least one tornado touching down. There was a lot of lightning and thunder and it was so loud that this dog ended up hiding in the bathtub. Aww!


The page seems to be down right now because it’s being BoingBoing’d, but Edward Tufte has a great page full of Megan Jaegerman’s infographics. This fabulous one on how to spot a hidden handgun is great! It explains quite a few things about hiding a gun and how most of the time it’s actually quite […]