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We still don’t know where those green T-Rex dinosaur high heels came from but in the meantime, you can follow this Instructables page on how to make your own. [via]


These shoes truly are scary and beautiful. Made by artist Leanie van der Vyver and RenĂ© van den Berg these shoes called Scary Beautiful are more or less reverse high heels and platforms mixed together. Check out the video by Lyall Coburn below showing a model walking painfully with these shoes on. [via] Scary Beautiful […]


This is awesome. Excuse the poor picture quality. It seems this is the largest size it originally came in so I blew it up.


These actually don’t look too bad. I like that Continuum is making 3D printed shoes for their Strvct line, but ladies, is it possible that these will not be comfortable at all to wear? They look…pointy.