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Is this a part of Pennsylvania’s proposed “High Line Park”? It looks like it, but I don’t know PA enough to say for sure.


Did you know Queens has its own abandoned elevated railway? I sure didn’t! Jeff Seal went and took a few photos there. Apparently it runs from Rego Park to Ozone Park and community leaders are hoping to turn it into Queens’ version of The High Line. Cool, no?


FriendsWithYou’s huge installation called Rainbow City is a fun little park located underneath a portion of section 2 of The High Line. It includes a bunch of inflatable sculptures that are tethered to the ground by strings. You can run up to them and push them around and have them bounce into you if you […]

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The most expensive park in New York City now has it’s own scent courtesy of Bond No. 9 New York. Now you too can pay up to $220 to smell like bergamot, purple love grass, Indian rhubarb, red leaf rose, tulips, grape hyacinth and bur oak. Yuck.


Tim Saternow paints dreamy scenes of The High Line in New York City in watercolor. His series entitled “The High Line Series” was painted over the course of 2 years and is now on display at the George Billis Gallery in New York City (see map here). If you can’t make it to the gallery […]