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More video from the Edgertronic. Wow, that glass shattering effect is so fast that even at 2500fps it happens instantly on replay. And if you’re curious what that small glass shattering tool is, it’s the super-affordable ResQMe keychain. A life-saver.


Have you seen this promo video yet? It’s the same camera used in Tested.com’s high-speed airbag deployment video. Quality and resolution here seem a lot better than Tested.com’s video, so I take back everything I said about this camera not being so great.

The Edgertronic sounds like a great high-speed camera, but that ultra-low resolution at 2500 fps really sours the deal for me. I was hoping for something at least a bit better than that. Anyway, here’s Tested.com detonating an airbag at 2500 fps.

This is so crazy to watch. The Koenigsegg Agera R has such incredible stability control that it can essentially be driven at over 100mph without hands. And even with hands, you can swerve like a madman and still have complete control of the car.