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This is one epic motorcycle trip through the Pan American Trail.


This is really unsettling to see. Deadspin published a map of the highest paid public employees for each state in the US and found that football coaches are making bank! Yes, odds are that your state’s football coach is probably making more than your governor, mayor, senator, etc. after bonuses each year. It’s important to […]

Russians really are the craziest of them all. Watch this insane (and insanely thrilling) video of 5 people climbing to the top of Moscow’s highest construction crane located atop the Mercury City Tower. No harnesses, no safety lines, and not even the right cold-weather gear. But still, they pulled it off. Amazing.

Filmed on a potato, but no matter, because the content here is what is key. Watch these guys risk their lives as they traverse across the lower portion of the Metlac Railway Bridge in Mexico. The bridge is the highest bridge in North America and these guys are walking on the edge of it like […]

Guinness will make a world record listing for just about anything.

Terje Sorgjerd filmed this incredible week-long time-lapse from atop Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide. The view looks amazing!!