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True tales from the front lines of Detroit’s firefighters who seem to have the hardest job of all firefighters in the nation. Was Highland Park really once one of the richest neighborhoods in the country? Man…what a difference now.

Damn, this is a big one too. According to Wikipedia, Highland Park, Michigan is considered one of the most dangerous crime-ridden areas in Detroit.


I just came from this little cafe in Highland Park called Zosa Cafe. It’s situated on the corner of Monterey and Redfield Avenue on a relatively quiet street. I ordered a cup of coffee and the Bagel + Lox you see above. IT IS BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST BAGEL AND LOX I’VE EVER […]

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I first heard about Galco’s from a video I posted back in September of 2009. I’ve always wanted to go here and see the place firsthand and today I did. It is a dream for anybody who loves beer and soda. Bottle after bottle line the rows, each different from the other in shape, size, […]

More than just a video of the Ford Model T moving assembly line, this video also shows the fifteen millionth Model T ever made and the versatility of the assembly line manufacturing process even in the early 20th century (look at all of the different Model T’s rolling out of the same factory). It’s also […]