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A month ago I posted about how the big bench at the top of Runyon Canyon was removed mysteriously. No notice, no reason given. It just wasn’t there all of a sudden. As of this week, the bench is back overlooking Los Angeles, except it’s not a big bench anymore. It’s two regular-sized benches. LADWP […]


On Saturday I went hiking to Escondido Falls and ended up rock climbing with no gear instead. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but it was so fun. Beautiful views from up there and not that far from Malibu! Definitely a nice hike and a good getaway from LA.    

Drop in with Zack Giffin in Alaska from Outdoor Research on Vimeo. Sweetgrass Productions¬†filmed this piece on a man named Zack Griffin who hikes some of Alaska’s tallest peaks and then skis his way down. Pretty remarkable video.