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One, you can die from laughter. And two, man, infections were a big problem back in the day.


Photo: Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division The celebrate the 85th anniversary of historic Route 66, Captured posted 97 images from along the roadway. Looks like a great place to travel to.

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The Urban Outfitters Corporate Campus in Philadelphia’s historic Navy Yard is a wondrous architectural marvel by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle. The design firm managed to mix the old feel of the Navy Yard with the company’s earthy feel to get this sort of raw, open space that stretches the length of the building pictured below. […]

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Photo by Erica Marshall Wow, I had no idea that Jersey City had its own abandoned rail terminal. The Jersey City Terminal at Liberty State Park is apparently still there and overgrown with weeds and other green life. It’s on the National and State register of historic places so the chances of this disappearing completely […]

This past Thursday, a commercial diver named Gene Ritter brought a nearly 100-year-old brass bell weighing about 500 pounds to the surface at Coney Island. The bell helped ring in the arrival and departure of visitors to Dreamland during the park’s run and in 1911 a devastating fire destroyed the park and sent the entire […]