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This is neat. Jake and Dinos Chapman created this diorama called “In Our Dreams We Have Seen Another World“. What does it depict? Well, among many odd things, it shows the crucifixion of Ronald McDonald and the utter destruction of many Nazis and Hitler. It’s all part of an art piece that’s on display now […]

This is the best trailer ever. It’s for an independent film called Kung Fury that’s about an ’80s-era cop in Miami who travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler. It’s ridiculous, and it’s supposed to be, but it’s on track to raise enough funding for a wide release. Support with at least $20 and […]


So apparently the other day Banksy (or somebody who works for Banksy) went into a thrift shop on 23rd Street near Lexington Avenue and purchased a painting. After a few days out of the shop, the painting was donated back to the shop with a special addition — a depiction of Hitler in Nazi uniform […]

Again, this man’s YouTube channel is chockfull of good videos like this.

Nothing like having Downfall’s Hitler remixed to the tune of Gangnam Style on this Friday morning, right? Hitler Gangnam Style (Untergang Cover) ijc.me/QrGwO6 Quite catchy actually — Graham ‘Logo’ Smith (@imjustcreative) September 21, 2012